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Match-Daten (Stand: 21.01.2020 / 18:26): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 10.03.2019 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: HOT ELITE 2018 - HOT
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: BaD MonkeyZâ„¢ - BMz

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 9:6 (bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Northern Isle Muffy 0 : 2 d3r_schosch
muffy_supergosu d3r_schosch
1on1 Turtle Rock ena1337 2 : 1 JoZen
ena1337 jozen
1on1 Secret Valley oM_CheerOn 2 : 0 aM.Mo
futureisours ammo
2on2 Gnoll Wood Edek & Muffy 2 : 1 K3w1n. & d3r_schosch
edek. muffy_supergosu kvickn d3r_schosch
2on2 Centaur Grove ena1337 & TomToast 2 : 1 sRaVe-NRG & aM.Mo
ena1337 tomtoast dragoran ammo

Kommentare zum Clanwar

HOT|ena1337am 12.03.2019 / 07:53:27
Alright Vince.
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 11.03.2019 / 23:11:03
we would prefer 1v1 after the 2on2 on friday if its not too bad for you, so lets set that ;) on tuesday/wednesday its hard for jozen to commit to stay online, i doubt that we´ll find a date, but feel free to ask me on bnet anytime
HOT|ena1337am 11.03.2019 / 19:36:21
Thursday 18 CET does not work. Only 22.00 can work on Thursday.

Friday we can play the 2v2 at 18.00 CET first. Afterwards we can follow up with the 1v1.

What I would prefer more would be if you could stay in touch with me throughout tonight / the week and arrange a spontaneous bo3 for the 1v1 tr ena vs jozen.
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 11.03.2019 / 19:18:18
so Thursday 18 cet? i dont get what you mean.
HOT|ena1337am 11.03.2019 / 18:40:04
Better before Friday. Otherwise Friday I guess.
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 11.03.2019 / 16:40:54
can you play TR on Thursday or Friday 18 cet (or later if you wish)?
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 11.03.2019 / 15:09:49
i cant talk to jozen right now so we´ll have to look if he comes online and do it spontaneously ;) any other possible dates, just in case?
HOT|ena1337am 11.03.2019 / 12:51:24
2v2 CG: go friday 18.00 CET, ok.

1v1 TR: can we play this today before 17.30 CET?
HOT|ena1337am 10.03.2019 / 20:19:55
We could play 1v1 tr now. Fine for you?
HOT|ena1337am 10.03.2019 / 19:45:54
Yup. Tom and I should be able to schedule with you for 2v2 CG without a switch. I offer informal discord communication for coordination. My ID on discord is ena1337#4755
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 10.03.2019 / 18:54:20
so, a swich will not be necessariy cause CG is postponed
HOT|ena1337am 10.03.2019 / 18:10:51
Forget about the 2v2 tr thing from my last message. Just 1v1 Tr has to be postponed from our side.
HOT|Muffyam 10.03.2019 / 18:10:10
we have to postponed the 1on1 on Turtle Rock
BMz|BMz.VinceWonderam 10.03.2019 / 18:02:30
okay, we can do that
HOT|ena1337am 10.03.2019 / 17:53:08
1v1 tr and 2v2 tr need to be postponed. 2v2 tr can be played today in case you allow to switch Tom and ena with Tom and cheeron.
BMz|aM.Moam 10.03.2019 / 11:40:35
Hi, we have to postponed the 2on2 on Centaur Grove on Wednesday 18pm or Friday 18pm