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Match-Daten (Stand: 21.05.2019 / 07:46): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 20.05.2018 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: Digital Xtreme - Dx
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: OwNu RenTner - OwNu

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 2:13 (bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Secret Valley Maru.rus 1 : 2 offen
1on1 Turtle Rock Selec7 0 : 2 offen
1on1 Twisted Meadows sheik 0 : 2 offen
2on2 Twisted Meadows Selec7 & CorsaiR 0 : 2 offen&offen
selec7. j4s)corsair   
2on2 Gnoll Wood sheik & HexStompCrit 1 : 2 offen&offen
sheik hexstompcrit   

Kommentare zum Clanwar

OwNu| 30.05.2018 / 02:42:25
won't we get the 3 points if Dx refuses to play? we are ready to play this 2v2
OwNu|KaRoam 28.05.2018 / 19:25:08
yeah but it s maybe good for us to even get to place 1 which is possible for us :C so we wanna Play this
OwNu| 28.05.2018 / 16:09:47
I received a discord msg from nick , saying he does not want to bother with the 2v2 since no chance for playoffs anymore.
am 27.05.2018 / 12:51:52
Does Dx plan on playing out the remaining 2v2? We know, that you don't have any chance of playoffs anymore, but in light of a fair sport we would appreciate it.
OwNu|KaRoam 25.05.2018 / 09:29:58
Eh .... what?
Dx|Selec7am 24.05.2018 / 20:57:47
No thanks, no sense.
OwNu|KaRoam 23.05.2018 / 17:02:01
if you let me and boltez Play on TM we could Play tomorrow around 21 cet.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 21.05.2018 / 21:36:29
Yosh so funny clown baby
OwNu|Evilnessam 21.05.2018 / 16:54:38
sheik&hexstompcrit 1-2 MentalGame&KLQUS
OwNu|Yosham 21.05.2018 / 05:25:27
So far...
Corsair 1-2 orange
Nick 0-2 ente
Sheik 0-2 sniq
We are working together on both 2s.
Dx|sheikam 20.05.2018 / 21:42:30
16 cet is fine for us
OwNu|Evilnessam 20.05.2018 / 19:52:06
GW can be played tomorow around 14-17cet.
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 18:44:11
Also let me end this funny discussion because I got called in to work just now. We can both reseed whomever to whatever map. Let's just get this played out. We can even postpone whatever. Lets just play
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 18:35:10
Oh right. Cuz I would totally seed ud on sv when there is tr and tm available. I must be cheating! Sorry I thought that I was on my pg account.
Dx|CorsaiRam 20.05.2018 / 18:24:40
Sorry, i dont think that seed UD vs HUM on TR it's too bad :) Nvm it changes nothing, in fact we rly have 2 ways to go which i written my last post. U can't rly disagree it would be this justice
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 18:22:34
Either way players are on bnet. I have errands that I need to run. Msg overadmire on bnet if you have any questions.
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 18:21:20
Corsair... You should know better than that. I don't have time to do things that pg would. I actually have self respect. Why would I seed ente vs Nick?I also would have swapped the 2s if I had looked before
Dx|CorsaiRam 20.05.2018 / 18:14:42
So what we should to do? Opp team have no line-up, looks like deflose. How can we agreed their line-up, which yosh written only after he could see out line-up?
So, deflose or re-line-up
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 18:02:54
I wish that I were a cheater. It would make life easier. Then I would join pg. :)
Dx|Selec7am 20.05.2018 / 17:58:27
lol nice cheat yosh, waiting our line-up shown and make lu after that
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 17:50:30
And yes the submit button disappears on my phone when there is too much text....
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 17:49:54
2v2 gw - mental + Klaus (resolved his bnet issue)
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 17:49:40
Sv - orange
Tr - ente
Tm - sniq
2v2 tm - tox + sniq
OwNu|Yosham 20.05.2018 / 17:49:10
Rip. Can't access this website from home. Lineup that I tried to put in from my phone is...
Dx|Selec7am 15.05.2018 / 14:43:51
We both have a two matches at this sunday, so go prepone some games, just leave here dates and times of any map!