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Match-Daten (Stand: 22.05.2018 / 23:40): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 22.04.2018 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: Pro-gaming - pG.
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: OwNu RenTner - OwNu

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 8:1 (nicht bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Nomad Isle 1.2 crrpt86 2 : 1 DkH.Sniq
justanotherorc bestplayerever
1on1 Last Refuge 1.3 Teib.Imperius 2 : 0 Orange
iammisterwinner youintoit
1on1 Amazonia CRO.RaZZoRMaN 0 : 0 JustAGozu
showmesomelove o_o)sexysynt
2on2 Gnoll Wood Hyz & dxrvs 0 : 0 yaBoltez & KaRo
hyz pg.rvs pwnuyaboundez drowningpool
2on2 Southfury River 2.2 Teib.Imperius & CRO.RaZZoRMaN 2 : 0 KLQUS & Evilness
iammisterwinner showmesomelove klqus dkh.mental

Kommentare zum Clanwar

OwNu|KaRoam 21.05.2018 / 23:34:02
Sad boii okkul kicking out the Hacker razzor retard in nwc3l but not Here?:D You‘re the biggest
Clown Ever my friend
Maybe wc3cl admins should
Take a Look for razzors ban in the whole tournament scene
pG.|pG.Okkulam 21.05.2018 / 21:49:40
I provided date for Razzor/Ente and you ignored. I also can re-ask for defwin cuz you ignored my message.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 21.05.2018 / 21:48:26
Lol? Defwin for GW? Are you clown Yosh? I wrote dates for GW, open your eyes!!!

pG.|pG.Okkul am 08.05.2018 / 18:46:34
for GW*
pG.|pG.Okkul am 08.05.2018 / 18:46:20
Today we can play at the late evening 21-23 cest.
pG.|pG.Okkul am 06.05.2018 / 23:18:54
GW works on Monday/Tuesday.
am 21.05.2018 / 21:45:15
We will check OwNus defwin-request for GW and re-check the def on SR (just because we are already at it). The match Razzor vs. Ente is way overdo, but that is our fault for letting the defwin open for so long. Because of that, you will have time until next sunday to play it out.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 21.05.2018 / 19:50:56
When Ente can play? Any dates/time? Same for 2s on GW
pG.|pG.Okkulam 21.05.2018 / 19:50:28
Lol?? Regame on SR?! Are you fucking kidding me Yosh? He fixed after one month dude, too late now.
For GW we agree for replace, probably we will also use that replace.
OwNu|Yosham 21.05.2018 / 05:32:12
In the mean time the only way that we can play gw at the moment is to reseed because the players involved have gone inactive. Also Klaus fixed his bnet 1.29 issue for what it's worth to admins.
OwNu|Yosham 21.05.2018 / 05:29:49
As for 2s, I'm still waiting for admins to reply about sr and the fact that you only replied about gw after so many weeks have gone by and I already requested the def win for it.
OwNu|Yosham 21.05.2018 / 05:29:23
Ente was full of games. Will have to play next Sunday. I will confirm ente's availability.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 20.05.2018 / 11:44:21
Any response?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.05.2018 / 21:08:07
Okay, Razzorman can play Saturday, Sunday - 1 pm CEST
am 17.05.2018 / 19:38:03
After long consideration, we will not grant pGs request for a defwin concerning Razzor vs. EnTe. In the end, the communication was just poor on both sides. Please play it until sunday, 27.5
OwNu|Yosham 09.05.2018 / 15:40:59
both of these times were too short notice. let me see if i can get some more flexible players on my end but either way the admins said that they will make their decision at some point this week.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 08.05.2018 / 18:46:34
for GW*
pG.|pG.Okkulam 08.05.2018 / 18:46:20
Today we can play at the late evening 21-23 cest.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 06.05.2018 / 23:18:54
GW works on Monday/Tuesday.
About AZ i guess admins still thinking about it.
OwNu|Yosham 06.05.2018 / 19:37:42
no word on gw from you guys at all. you guys are still dodging with regards to razzorman and kicked him from the team in nwc3l so i'm not sure what is going on but we are going to ask for the defwins since this is ridiculous. it is like you are doing your best to never play any maps vs us.
OwNu| 01.05.2018 / 15:49:31
i would say that razzormans games result in defwins for the opponents
OwNu|KaRoam 30.04.2018 / 19:48:37
gg wp razzor
OwNu|Orangeam 29.04.2018 / 16:47:11
Oh he's in clan ownu. Well played.
OwNu|Orangeam 29.04.2018 / 16:46:27
I'm still in ownu, I see nobody lol.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 29.04.2018 / 16:42:44
Misterwinner on the channel "ownu", Orange, are you coming?
OwNu|Orangeam 29.04.2018 / 16:11:01
Waiting in channel ownu.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 29.04.2018 / 15:31:19
You have no cw, but we have cw vs team HOT
OwNu|Yosham 28.04.2018 / 18:58:06
Well we have no cw for the next 3 weeks so we won't have any new cws to worry about. I will tell orange to wait in channel ownu on northrend.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 27.04.2018 / 17:58:17
Works fine for Misterwinner but he has the cup at 16 cest:
When he will finish this one he can start vs Orange (probably before new cw/otherwise after he will finish new cw-matches)
OwNu|Yosham 26.04.2018 / 14:52:45
Orange can play sunday after 16 CEST.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 24.04.2018 / 18:57:59
Plz tell me time for Orange's game.
About Ente i asked admin to create ticket since Razzorman waited Ente more than 1 hour after cw started, so i dont agree for AZ. Lets wait the admin's decidion.
OwNu|Yosham 24.04.2018 / 14:26:17
Orange can only play on weekends due to work and time zone differences.

Ente can only play on sunday. What time is Razzorman available on sunday?

bound is not free until Thursday but he will reply in the comments regarding his availability for less delay.

Also @admins, regarding the defwin for 2s... since when does a technical issue result in such a quick defwin?

@okkul my intent is not to start any sort of hate / flame war but considering the facts razzorman isnt exactly the most legit player to ever play wc3. any competitive person that is enjoys "fair play" would have a problem with a cheater. just look at lance armstrong.

1) caught abusing w3a ladder non-stop to the point where warnings meant nothing and we had to ban him... then he evaded his ban and abused bugs nonstop in ladder again! #fact
2) after his ban evasion was cut off, he start mhing on bnet #fact
3) #fact
4) this "strange" situation that grubby felt was so strange that he felt the need to watch the replay and explain it... there is a vod for it. also i didnt watch it yet so you can't call be "bias cuz its grubby". #fact

4b) now whether grubby's thoughts (and everyone else's) are 100% accurate... that is an #assumption. with that said grubby may not be the undisputed #1 player (but he is definitely up there on anyone's list) to ever play wc3 but his game knowledge is so off the charts that it is actually scary how much he picks up on throughout the course of a game. there are times that i disagree with his ideas on balance or tactics vs certain things but things like this he is never wrong on and he almost never engages in these types of things regarding cheating because he is fully aware of the power that his words have.

at the very least razzorman isn't doing himself any favors at the moment. maybe if he streamed and played the same exact way with the same level of success people would give him the benefit of the doubt. that is really the only advice that i can give.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 22:01:55
Misterwinner can play vs Orange any days / about time its mostly flexible but without overlapping with tournaments on
OwNu|KaRoam 22.04.2018 / 20:32:54
assumptions my friend?:D
you can check grubby VoD April at 1 hour and 20
grubby is even explaining it after the while with watching the replay, he made good Points.
even if it s mh or just stream ghosting, it s shit and unfair XD or do you wanna tell me it s just luck of razzor to not Scout and go straight to grubby s base on a 4 Player map?:C
OwNu|KaRoam 22.04.2018 / 20:27:41
.... aha ...
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 20:24:36
These are only assumptions. No one admin of all cups ban him last two years on tournaments of, that speaks of his innocence, because I know personally many of the admins (hundredkg,x3-demon,Woker,Techpriest etc.) and they are all competent in such matters.
OwNu|KaRoam 22.04.2018 / 20:15:04
So Games vs Tod and vs Grubby last Weekend where
Razzor didnt scout on a 4 Player map , Makes a Bit obvious for hacking / Stream ghosting :c
Or maybe im just noob and having no idea about this Game )
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 20:06:21
Balnazza, give them penalty points for insults, please.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 20:05:06
Balnazza, gave them penalty points for insults, please.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 20:03:57
Im advicing you to eat more candies its useful for brain.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 20:03:25
Soundy funny, where is your proofs?
Maybe Razzor did bad in the past, but currenty he is 100% clear. Deadman the strong player also used maphack in start of his carreer but nobody didnt call him maphacker later. It just your evil phantasy.
OwNu|KaRoam 22.04.2018 / 19:42:23
yeah insulting a Player who s still hacking / stream ghosting :D gj
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 19:36:58
I gave one hour for your player and you only instulting my player. Very kind behaviour
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 19:36:17
Player has 15 mins after cw started
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 19:34:18
Well, but you didnt inform about it before cw, Misterwinner came intime, Crrpt came before cw, Razzorman come arround 18:20-18:25 cest as i told about "bit later".
If the tournament is respectable reason for pending games on cw's i think admins must add this paragraph in rulebook.
And we waited more than one hour for ente to be clear.
OwNu|KaRoam 22.04.2018 / 19:32:08
yeah you ll Need the defwins for your maphacker boii
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 19:32:07
He is in game 3 now vs Hawk.
And you wasnt here @18cet too.
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 19:31:25
Just to be clear, you played the same Cup. Ente is playing also the same Cup, and you cant wait for him any longer?
At his position we would also wait for you.
pG.|CRO.RaZZoRMaNam 22.04.2018 / 19:26:57
Sorry I'm not able to play. I waited too much.
am 22.04.2018 / 19:23:58
We will create a ticket for this match, but don't expect a decision today. If you still want to play it out, obviously feel free to do it.
JN|Balnazzaam 22.04.2018 / 19:23:31
We will create a ticket for this match, but don't expect a decision today. If you still want to play it out, obviously feel free to do it.
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 19:22:08
Well, he is still playing vs hawk.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 19:20:52
Razzor is normal guy, stop your insulting. Ente still not on the channel , Razzor cant wait more , im requesting for defwin of this game too.
am 22.04.2018 / 19:20:34
When do you think EnTe will be able to play his match?
OwNu| 22.04.2018 / 18:44:49
ente is playing brain cup too so calm down if razzor would make it as far as ente with his maphacking you wouldnt force ente to come now
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:42:28
GW and LR postponed from both sides.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:41:47
Where is Ente? Razzorman is waiting him , we can wait 15 min for Ente
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:40:48
Okay, cuz KLQUS couldnt join we take defwin.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:29:27
ok , create the game for them, i dont have access for hostbot
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:29:04
Sorry we cant agree for postpone more games than one, choose map which you want to pp and lets start this clanwar, cuz already 28 minutes ellapsed
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:27:46
sniq is channel PG, and rdy to play.
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:26:06
So if you dont allow that we Postpone SR too, sadly we need to give defwin, because your player cant join w3arena, and my ally cant Join battle net
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:26:06
Let play AZ, LR, NI then now
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:24:53
Where is sniq btw?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:24:42
Unfortunately its not possible cuz razzorman is banned on w3a still
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:19:31
Well you have to patch it down. Can you ask your players if they can join w3a please?
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:18:56
For now he can only play on w3arena.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:18:53
Okay SR on w3a if Razzor and Imrerius will can join by techinal possibility (i heard about patch conflicts between 1.26 and 1.29)
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:18:43
KLQUS, my 2on2 ally.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:17:43
Which one cant join?
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:17:37
We can play SR on w3arena, if you want.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:17:25
Two maps are many, and doesnt allow by rules, pick one of this
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:17:18
Well one of our players from 2on2 cant join bnet, because of some issues with his keys.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:16:15
You can postpone only one map i guess, not two
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:15:56
am 22.04.2018 / 16:32:23
we agree with pp, but we need to play 2on2 SR first, since our player has to leave at 20 cest.

also we pp LR

meet clan ownu in
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:15:43
We pped LR, like in the comments below.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:15:41
What about LR? Misterwinner waiting on the channel, already 18:15
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 18:12:56
I think we need to pp SR, because one of our players cant join Bnet.
If the problem is solved, we can offer dates for the game.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:10:49
After LR go SR guys
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:10:11
Misterwinner can play LR right now
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:03:47
Razzorman can play in 15 mins i guess
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 18:02:45
My player cant join "clan ownu" in battle net, lets meet channel "pg" then
OwNu|Evilnessam 22.04.2018 / 17:59:19
Can we start with SR?
Where we meet?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 17:56:52
NI we can start by default time in 8 mins
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 17:56:40
LR and AZ need to start a bit later. My players are playing on this tournament:
Rus brain qualification
OwNu| 22.04.2018 / 16:49:45
nvm i found another player for lr, so we dont need to pp it, just need to play SR first
OwNu| 22.04.2018 / 16:32:23
we agree with pp, but we need to play 2on2 SR first, since our player has to leave at 20 cest.

also we pp LR

meet clan ownu in
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.04.2018 / 10:15:20
We have to postpone GW