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Match-Daten (Stand: 16.06.2019 / 03:16): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 08.04.2018 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: OwNu RenTner - OwNu
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: Firestalker - Fs

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 7:8 (nicht bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Deserted Isle 3.2b JustAGozu 2 : 0 Still1
o_o)sexysynt fs.still
1on1 Turtle Rock Evilness 0 : 2 remodemo
dkh.mental remodemo
1on1 Echo Isle ToX 0 : 2 inC.YaGami
weakud yagami
2on2 Southfury River 2.2 ToX & Furioso 2 : 0 KapTain_KirK & f3tt.Jonas
weakud more.than.ever fs.fabi saw3.jonas
2on2 Lost Temple (RoC) Evilness & KLQUS 1 : 2 Jehu & inC.YaGami
dkh.mental klqus fs.jehu yagami

Kommentare zum Clanwar

OwNu|Evilnessam 14.04.2018 / 14:04:29
Is it possible to play TR on Sunday, or to play earlier today?
Fs|Jehuam 13.04.2018 / 10:52:11
ToX vs YaGami on Sunday at 16 CEST
OwNu|Evilnessam 12.04.2018 / 20:30:27
Fs|Jehuam 12.04.2018 / 19:20:18
ok TR on saturday at 20 CEST then
OwNu|Evilnessam 12.04.2018 / 16:24:16
Dates for TR: Fr 20CET, Sat and Sunday around the day!
OwNu|Yosham 10.04.2018 / 07:26:56
tr / mental, not 100% sure about tomorrow but there is a possibility. need to confirm so it will be short notice if anything. thurs/fri/sat/sun = 100% available. :(

di / ente, can play sunday starting at 16 and the option is available to do it during our cw but there will be a bit of waiting involved since we will prioritize getting ente's game over with asap so that it can free him up vs still. he has no other free days this week.

ei/sr, im still working on getting dates for this but i will let you know as soon as i know.
Fs|Jehuam 09.04.2018 / 01:01:26
remodemo can play on monday, tuesday and wednesday from 18 CEST on
Fs|Jehuam 08.04.2018 / 17:58:33
we are in channel clan fs
OwNu|Yosham 08.04.2018 / 17:34:47
It looks like we will have to pp SR unless our player returns home in time. EI will also be coming home a bit late at 20 cet (hoping for a bit earlier). I have made adjustments to make scheduling TR easier though. The rest can start right on time.
Fs|Jehuam 08.04.2018 / 15:41:46
Hey, unfortunately we have to postpone TR.