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Match-Daten (Stand: 23.10.2018 / 02:37): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 12.11.2017 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: Firestalker - Fs
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: Pro-gaming College - pG.

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 11:4 (bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Turtle Rock Still1 2 : 1 crrpt86
fs.still justanotherorc
1on1 Nomad Isle 1.2 inC.YaGami 2 : 0 Lota]ikbencool
yagami pg.ikbencool
1on1 Ancient Isle Edo 2 : 0 Schoko
edoboi schoko
2on2 Avalanche 1.1 DkH.KurCo & CorNoX 2 : 0 Schoko & MezzoMix
fs.kurco fs.cornox schoko mezzomix
2on2 Goldshire Night & Jehu 0 : 2 Lota]ikbencool & DypraX
fs.night fs.jehu pg.ikbencool yipikai

Kommentare zum Clanwar

am 30.11.2017 / 19:21:56
The reason for the def is in the text, I won't repeat myself.

But Just to correct you 1) your Player has to be at the Meeting Point which was w3arena and not skype. Otherwise you can't claim Edo. He could have been on skype too 2) you have no evidence about the Absence of Edo. Your Screenshot is not valid for the given reasons.

As Administrator I can only stick to rules and evidences.
pG.|Acediaam 29.11.2017 / 23:22:50
no comment,full random,cancel our defwin+bring defwin for fs!what's ........? Double standard.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 29.11.2017 / 22:58:52
About the rule about Wildcard: Fs offered only Tuesday for Edoboi, Schoko couldnt play Tuesday, so from our side i offered Saturday/Sunday. We could play on Sunday by using Yipikai (instead of Schoko) and Fs was agreed. Fs told that Edo can, but after they said that Edo cant play Sunday, and they offered Monday/Tuesday, but my team couldnt play and i offered Friday/Saturday. So, Fs agreed for Saturday, finally we got mutual day for playing at 16cet.
We were waiting Edo on clan pg channel, and checking clan fs channel, but he didnt show up. Schoko was in skype , we are talking about his game, he doesnt need to wait in w3a since im main manager, so I can answer for all actions of my players and i waiting on the channel clan pg for Edo.
We waited 15 mins, but Edo still didnt come and no response from him. He asked pG.Sky later.
As i know , we can take defwin after 15 mins from start of match if enemy's team doesnt come in-time, why we should wait and waste time?????
Why did you cancel our defwin?? And bring defwin for Fs? I appealing for that - we must make the re-game then!!!
am 29.11.2017 / 17:52:32
Dear Okkul,

according to the rule about the Wildcard, the Team that uses this Wildcard has to post 2 possible playdates (date + concrete time) 24 hours after using the Wildcard. This could already lead to a defwin for the enemy Team. Tough Fs accepted this in the first case your Team is in the spot to name a possible playdate (Day and concrete Time).

You could still figure out a playdate but complaining about Edo that he was not there in Time with a screenshot.
1) At your screenshot we neither see Edo nor Schoko in the place agreed on 2) The screenshot only Shows the moment at 16:16, we don't know if he was there at 16:00 or 16:10. And we neither see if he is offline at all. Edo himself claims he was online in W3Arena and there are no evidences proving something else.

So in general we have to decide on §4.3. (4) which says if one Team seems to be guilty of missing the match it can result in a defwin. Just to point out Fs suggested three exact possible playdates and also was flexible to agree on your last and only exact suggest, while you were in the spot to make the suggestions for your chosen Wildcard.
Also the circumstance that Edo was active here in the Matchcomments around the time and that we were not aware of the status of schoko Fs seemed to be more willed to play then your Team was.

I know that is always a subjective decision but I hope it is reasonable for you. What would have you decided on from an objective perspective? I'm really sorry our rulebook is not updated to english yet. But it will come for the next Season.

I suggest you for the next Clanwar to agree with your Player on clear playdate and time for postponed games. Experience shows that postpones will more likely be played if stick to that.

If you have other evidences that show that Schoko was there all the time on the agreed meetpoint (which seemed to be "w3arena" in general) and Edo was not. Feel free to go in appeal.

Best wishes
pG.|pG.Okkulam 29.11.2017 / 17:15:36
Again double standarts of Reglament WC3CL?!
pG.|pG.Okkulam 29.11.2017 / 17:11:48
@ Changer
Can you explain this paragrahps on english? Not all people on this league know deutsch rules..
pG got defwin cuz Edo came late in 18 mins after cw should be start........ and my team got deflose now.. wtf admins?!
am 28.11.2017 / 12:39:19
Firestalkers receive Default win on AI according to §4.3. (2), (4)
Fs|Edoam 26.11.2017 / 13:42:45
so I added "schoko" on w3arena. he wasnt online you just said it yourself. how am i supposed to know that he is on skype. and btw your players didnt show up twice before
pG.|pG.Sky-Watcheram 25.11.2017 / 16:58:27
schoko was in skype and we were discussing and waiting to you, and from your side nobody informed me about your coming after 16.15 cet
Fs|Edoam 25.11.2017 / 16:30:13
according to your screenshot schoko is not in that channel either. so i take defwin coz my life depends on those wc3cl points. he was not online when I came in clan fs either, since i was w3arena and your screenshot is not showing anything else I take defwin. coz schoko not here or in w3arena online ggs.
Fs|Edoam 25.11.2017 / 16:26:51 said 6minutes ago in w3arena "sec" when i asked "schocko rdy?"
now nobody is online
pG.|pG.Sky-Watcheram 25.11.2017 / 16:26:22
we got defwin, cuz you came after 16.15 cet
Fs|Edoam 25.11.2017 / 16:18:31
clan fs
pG.|pG.Okkulam 25.11.2017 / 16:04:00
where is edoboi?
Fs|Jehuam 23.11.2017 / 14:04:19
Edo said Saturday 16 CET works, let's meet on w3a again.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.11.2017 / 21:21:32
Lets go friday/saturday arround 15-16 cet
pG.|pG.Okkulam 22.11.2017 / 07:14:16
I try to get some1 for today and msg you via skype if get any news
Fs|Jehuam 20.11.2017 / 21:00:46
But he said tomorrow (tuesday) at 18:15 CET is fine.
Fs|Jehuam 20.11.2017 / 17:23:18
Edo just wrote me that he can't make it till 18:15.
Fs|Jehuam 20.11.2017 / 12:08:50
Ok, earliest Edo can play today is 18:15. Let's meet on w3a at 18:15 then.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 20.11.2017 / 08:47:47
Yipikai (instead of Schoko) can play today after 17 cet
pG.|pG.Okkulam 19.11.2017 / 14:41:07
Sorry, Saturday didnt work, when can Edo play today?
Fs|Edoam 18.11.2017 / 15:17:41
you going to be there schocko ????
Fs|Jehuam 17.11.2017 / 20:06:58
Edo said Saturday around 16 / 17 CET would be fine.
Fs|Jehuam 17.11.2017 / 15:12:53
So when exactly can Schoko play? The whole Saturday and Sunday?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.11.2017 / 13:48:11
Saturday and Sunday is okay for last match. Inform me about time interval which you can get Edo and we can finish it
pG.|pG.Okkulam 14.11.2017 / 20:10:17
im sorry , still no answer. today doesnt work. put dates, which good for you, when i would got the answer i put too
pG.|pG.Okkulam 13.11.2017 / 21:38:51
i asked schoko for tuesday, but need to wait for response , he hasnt internet atm. i keep inform you
Fs|Jehuam 12.11.2017 / 18:43:31
pG.|pG.Okkulam 12.11.2017 / 18:42:38
pG.|pG.Okkulam 12.11.2017 / 18:42:28
AV: Schoko swapped by pG.Sky, GS stars 21:00 cet, fs i agree. thanks
Fs|Jehuam 12.11.2017 / 18:24:28
Edo could play on Tuesday at 19 CET
pG.|pG.Okkulam 12.11.2017 / 18:23:21
ok, we pp AI
Fs|Jehuam 12.11.2017 / 18:00:06
you can only pp one map, we allow reseed. Which map do you want to pp?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 12.11.2017 / 17:54:09
We have to pp AI, AV exactly
Fs|Jehuam 12.11.2017 / 14:55:43
Hi, we don't need to pp anything. Let's meet on w3arena clan fs :>