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Match-Daten (Stand: 23.10.2018 / 02:49): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 05.11.2017 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: DDSK - DDSK
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: Team ViKiNGS - ViKi

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 2:13 (nicht bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Twisted Meadows sRaVe-NRG 0 : 2 PriesT
dennis priest
1on1 Secret Valley Drunken 2 : 1 oM_CheerOn
rd.drunken ls.cheeron
1on1 Terenas Stand YuenKeLove 0 : 2 Syntoren
yuenkelove syntoren
2on2 Southfury River 2.2 sRaVe-NRG & YuenKeLove 0 : 2 PriesT & HartCrane
dennis yuenkelove priest hartcrane
2on2 Basalt Basin I_B4sH_YoU & Drunken 0 : 2 Muffy & oM_CheerOn
ends.killer rd.drunken muffy_supergosu ls.cheeron

Kommentare zum Clanwar

ViKi|ena1337am 14.11.2017 / 13:15:54
You had the chance to play your 2on2 on BB vs us on regular CW. Our players both were online and available. You went offline as they wanted to start the 2v2 vs you.

Also, you didn't request a PP on the match page on time for that map.

Thus, I won't put any efforts into scheduling my players and ViKi claims, as muffy already stated, defwin for that map.
DDSK|Drunkenam 12.11.2017 / 20:15:09
sadly u didn´t answered for the 2n2 on BB. next week we can play tue,wed,thu 19-20 CET ( may we have to play another pp´d 2n2 at one of the dates, we have to wait for an answer of the other opponents)
ViKi|ena1337am 09.11.2017 / 18:14:12
- See match comments development, use common sense.
- Announce your PPs in Match Comments in the future.
- Cheeron played vs Drunken on Sunday and lost 1-2.
- Syntoren won 2-0 vs yuenkelove on Sunday.
- PriesT wanted to play on Sunday, but shaitan. didn't show up.
- PriesT + HartCrane wanted to play on Sunday, but shaitan. + yuenkelove didn't show up.
- Muffy + CheerOn wanted to play on Sunday, but ends.killer & drunken went offline/didn't play.
- We are out of NWC3L since more than three weeks.

All our players were available and online on default time (and if not, we would have offered replacements). We couldn't play those three BO3s because of your own organization. On top of that, I repeat, you didn't use match comments at all.

All in all: we claim defwins for 1on1TM, 2on2SR and 2on2BB.

No time to run after you guys. We have more important stuff to do in our lifes than organizing postponed CWs. We focus our CWs on Sunday evening, and not through the whole week. If you sign up for a Sunday evening's league, you should at least make sure to play 4 out of 5 BO3s on Sunday evening, and not only 2 or 3.
DDSK|Drunkenam 07.11.2017 / 20:29:00
the 2n2 on BB we can play wednesday,thursday and friday 19:00 cet
DDSK|Drunkenam 06.11.2017 / 08:33:53
1) you had to play another clanwar, so we couldn´t play games after all (priest, muffy and cheeron were playing at the other clanwar). i had to wait aswell about an hour befor you finished your 2n2 at the other clanwar.
2) the player with the gameaccount pg.cheeron wasn´t online the whole evening. you can´t force a defwin of your offline opponents when the right playeraccount on your side wasn´t online. May shaitan and ends.killer were online with other accounts?
3)We don´t have unlimited time, it´s not forseeable how long a cw will last, and 21:30 was very late for us (kids,work) to play another 2n2
4) we play for fun and don´t wan´t to take and give defwins, so we will post soon some dates for the games to play
DDSK|YuenKeLoveam 06.11.2017 / 08:18:47

sorry but this is simply not true?
I actually talked to Muffy on w3arena and told him before the start of the clanwar that we need to postpone the 2v2s and the 1v1 of Dennis.
He said that is no problem as they are playing another CW anyways at that time for NWC3l and we will find enough dates to play the games out as they are active players just like we are.

I really dont understand why you act like that considering that we more than openly told you that we need to postpone the matches, that we have 1 or even 2 weeks time to play the matches and that we should stick together as a community to support the wc3cl league and make it fun for everyone.
ViKi|Muffyam 05.11.2017 / 22:34:21
After the beginning of the clanwar there were no player ready to play of clan DDSK. (despite of yuenkelove)

shaitan even didn't show up.

Cheeron had to wait a long time to play his games against rd.drunken.

Later he canceled the his 2on2 game and went offline without any discussion.

Recapped, we are claming a defwin for the 1on1 game on TM and both 2on2 games.
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 21:12:57
2on2 BB: what's up with this map? our players are ready. We are waiting to play. You just went offline. Wtf?
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 21:11:48
1on1 SV: drunken 2 - 1 cheeron
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 20:41:56
I especially mean the maps 1on1 TM and 2on2 SR ... our players are online for those maps. But yours aren't (!?!)
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 20:40:45
Match comments*
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 20:40:37
Hey guys, what's up? PriesT is available since more than 2.5 hours but didn't manage to play one game yet. Is there any information we should know which is not reported in the match page yet?
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 18:54:34
1x1 TS: yenkelove 0 - 2 Syntoren
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 16:46:54
in 1 hour and 13 minutes*
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 16:46:48
meet channel clan vikings in 13 minutes
ViKi|ena1337am 05.11.2017 / 12:34:56
go default, we don't need Postponals most likely.