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Match-Daten (Stand: 23.06.2018 / 10:38): Ergebnisse/Lineup

Termin laut Spielplan: 11.06.2017 / 18:00 - Lineup fixiert

Heim-Team - Clan-Tag: Pro-gaming - pG.
Gast-Team - Clan-Tag: DkH Gaming e.V. - DkH

aktuelle Punktewertung des CW: 0:0 (bestätigt)

 StartmapHeim-Team DefWin-Ergebnis-DefWinGast-Team
1on1 Last Refuge 1.3 Commndo07 0 : 0 whatcanuddo
commando whatcanuddo
1on1 Amazonia Lota]ikbencool 0 : 0 AboveTheLaw
pg.ikbencool abovethelaw
1on1 Turtle Rock oM_CheerOn 0 : 0 over.zeiko
ls.cheeron zeikooo
2on2 Lost Temple (RoC) Lota]ikbencool & oM_CheerOn 0 : 0 I_B4sH_YoU & whatcanuddo
pg.ikbencool ls.cheeron ends.killer whatcanuddo
2on2 Basalt Basin MezzoMix & Commndo07 0 : 0 ToRReN & AboveTheLaw
mezzomix commando torren abovethelaw

Kommentare zum Clanwar

am 18.07.2017 / 20:25:35
DkH has to many defwins against them, they will leave the league.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 17:40:45
Clanwar is finished. GGS WP
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 17:11:00
Some replaces by both teams:
pG: commando > sethrogen
DkH: both players > px+demigod
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 16:34:44
Except you and Franzyzzz, because you are already played
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 16:30:13
So you allow all players who are in our team, right?
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 16:24:44
It is not my problem, that you can not get players, it is your problem as an manager. You had whole week for get players.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 16:23:31
Not barred players, only from your team.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 15:53:14
If you allow barred players who joint today, we can play it out.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 15:44:37
I try to get it played during the cw of today, because players are possibly around.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 15:20:40
I cant get any player today and its hot outside.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 15:16:18
We ask for extension of the time limit for the 2 x 2 on BB, because Torren is not able to play.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 12:27:23
Im against of postpone on next week, time is over, last day for you today.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 18.06.2017 / 12:26:03
Write time interval for match today. If you dont play today, i will take, no time for next week.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 18.06.2017 / 10:05:09
I am at home later and we try to play it out. If not, we write to the admin of wc3cl that we Need one more week and it's ok!
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.06.2017 / 20:22:03
admin = i ment any manager of DkH*
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.06.2017 / 20:21:31
Still no answer from admin... Tomorrow is the last day for play
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.06.2017 / 15:06:30
Additionaly we can start from 18h30min cest
DkH|AboveTheLawam 17.06.2017 / 15:03:09
today football (((
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.06.2017 / 14:52:13
Come on , give exact time
pG.|pG.Okkulam 17.06.2017 / 14:36:38
We are ready for play today 20h cest. What about you?
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 16.06.2017 / 22:34:22
Okay Great. We try to play it out till sunday
pG.|pG.Okkulam 16.06.2017 / 18:11:29
Im not sure, that my players will have enough time on next week, they have a lot of work. Anyway i informed the admin about this fact.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 15.06.2017 / 22:44:03
I know this, but we can send a Message to the admins and we can have one more week to Play it out.
Thx for your advice. I will ask in our skype group if anybody has time tomorrow evening or saturday if your players are able to play.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 15.06.2017 / 19:11:57
We have to play till Sunday 23:59 cest. That is last day for our cw:
Make sure that your players will ready, also you can replace Torren by using WildCard.
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 15.06.2017 / 18:12:45
I cant get Torren, but I contacted Razer.Rain and he got his phone number. But Razer.Rain is back at 20th of June. Hopefully we can play it at the weekend :)
pG.|pG.Okkulam 14.06.2017 / 18:29:16
Any news about 2v2 match?
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 12.06.2017 / 17:57:56
Np and this make sense.
I wrote to Cheeron at Skype that I have no time today to manage the Games. Tomorrow I have more freetime to Talk with the players.
I also wrote to Zeiko if he meet Cheeron on w3a, that they can Play the 1n1.

About the 2x2 I can say more on Wednesday about Dates if playing. Hopefully it's okay as well.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 12.06.2017 / 14:56:36
Im not sure that my players can play today, lets schedule more days
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 21:49:40
Give more exact time
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 11.06.2017 / 20:17:26
1n1 and 2n2 probably tomorrow, will u inform.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 19:25:29
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 11.06.2017 / 19:25:10
we use the wildcard
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 11.06.2017 / 19:24:56
Reseed on LT Franzyzz for whatcanuddo
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 18:58:50
Plz write some dates
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 18:58:28
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 11.06.2017 / 17:58:43
We have to postpone the 2x2 on BB.
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 17:49:52
Lets meet on clan pg channel
pG.|pG.Okkulam 11.06.2017 / 17:48:43
English plz
DkH|I_B4sH_YoUam 11.06.2017 / 17:20:45
Wir müssen das 2x2 auf BB verschieben, der Rest kann ausgespielt werden.