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Autor Thema: [58-001] HOT vs. StFo  (Gelesen 1303 mal)

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[58-001] HOT vs. StFo
« am: 02.04.2018, 20:33:46 »
The Team-Captain ena1337 (ID: 8417) of Team HOT ELITE 2018 (ID: 1025) is flaming enemy players down lown.

According to §6.4. and our construction concerning Team-Captains and Match Orgas:

ena1337 (ID: 8417) gets three minor penalty points.

Team HOT ELITE 2018 (ID: 1025) gets two minor penalty points.

Please always stay mannered. A competitive attitude is acceptable, but heavy flames are not.
Please remind that minor penalty points never vanish and we will sentence harder for reoffenders.