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24.01.2022, 04:52:45

Einloggen mit Benutzername, Passwort und Sitzungslänge

Yes, it is. But every gamer is welcome to participate in WC3CL. We don't like it if the german-speaking orga registers his/her non-german players. Every gamer should control his account by himself. Here is a little German lesson to show you the functionality of our Player Menu.

1. Register on our Portal

First you have to register an account at wc3cl.de. You can find the link "registrieren" also at the top right corner of this page. You accept the terms of use. The following form should be quite clear. Your password needs 8 characters at least. You will receive an email with the activation link.

2. Subscribe your Account

After your first login you have to subscribe your account to the leaguescript. Go to the Player Menu (left) and click on "Bei der WC3CL einschreiben". Now you are ready!

The Player Menu

3. Register BattleNet-Nick

You have to enter your BattleNet-Nick (Northrend).

4. Join a clan and team

You are a player and want to join your clan or team. Enter the Clan-ID. Ask your captain for the ID-number. The same procedure for joining a team. Your captain has always to accept your submissions.

5. Create new clan and team

After you created a new clan you have to create a team. Only teams can participate in leagues. One clan can have several teams. One member can only be in one team.

6. Manage your clan

If you are orga here you can find all important information about your clan, teams and members.

7. Manage your team

If your team want to participate in WC3CL you have to subscribe to season. Do not forget to withdraw the subscription if you won´t.

After season started click "in Tabelle x-x" to show your division.

7.1 Lineup

Choose your players from the drop-down menu. you can change the lineup till 18:45 CET.

7.2 Score

You can enter a score at any time. Confirm the score if the clanwar is finished.

There are any questions or you need support? Use our Helpdesk or visit our IRC channel #wc3cl.