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The season may have ended and playoffs are in a few weeks from now, but lets forget about points, clanwars, heroes and items for a moment: We wish all of our players a good time (in whatever way they spent it) and Merry Christmas!

10 Dez 2017 - LVII - Playday 9

Pro-Gaming College [8:1] DDSK
Pro-Gaming Junior [4:2] OwNu RenTner
Pro-Gaming [8:4] ViKiNGS
No games: Fs, uMaD

Cast: pG. vs. ViKi (18 CET)

The last playday of the season has been arrived! Which teams will get the final nail in the coffin?

Before we start, a quick reminder: Team DDSK has already gathered seven defwins against them. Three more and they will kicked out of the league.

Firestalker (73 points/3 possible): With no matches, Fs has to hope for the best today. Will they remain first?

Pro-Gaming (62/21): pG. is in a very good spot to take that first place, if they perform today.

OwNu RenTner (53/21): For the first place, OwNu has to basically gain every avaible point now. Hard, but not impossible.

Pro-Gaming College (42/18): With a miracle-performance and a complete failure of OwNu, pGCl. could still gain a playoffs-spot.

03 Dez 2017 - LVII - Playday 8

Pro-Gaming Junior [6:0] Pro-Gaming College
OwNu RenTner [5:4] Pro-Gaming
ViKiNGS [1:5] uMaD
Free: Fs, DDSK

Cast: *no cast*

Just two playdays to go! Lets see, were we at:

Firestalker (70 points/6 open/0 clanwars): While Fs still remains on top of the standings, they're basically out of matches. It can be quite hard to defend the first place.

Pro-Gaming (58/0/2): 12 points behind Fs, but with two matches remaining, pG. is in an excellent spot to claim the direct seed into the finals, but they have to defeat two other contenders for playoffs.

OwNu RenTner (48/3/2): OwNu has to defeat two pG-teams, but if they manage to do that, first place is still in reach.

ViKiNGS (34/3/2): The big underdog, but there is some hope to get into playoffs. It would be quite the miracle though.

All other teams dropped (realisticly) out of the race for playoffs, so now their job is to make the road for the remaining teams as hard as possible.

26 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 7

Pro-Gaming Junior [3:6] DDSK
Pro-Gaming [12:0] Pro-Gaming College
Firestalker [9:3] ViKiNGS
uMaD [2:10] OwNu RenTner

Cast: Fs vs. ViKi (18 CET)

The last three playdays of this season are about to start. Time to check into the road to playoffs.

Firestalker (58): The runner-up of last season is in prime position to enter the playoffs. 58 points (with 3-6 points still possible) and two matches remaining seem more than enough. If the team can hold first place though is another story, but for now they still haven't lost a single clanwar.
Pro-Gaming (43): 15 points (a whole clanwar!) behind Fs, but still in good shape. The first squad of pG. has the luxurous situation, that they have three clanwars ahead of same. Enough possible points to overthrow the Firestalker.
Pro-Gaming College (31): The third squad of pG. is in a lurking position, with a lot of possible points open and also three matches ahead.
ViKiNGS (31): Three matches ahead, but no open points. ViKi needs some focus to reach the playoffs.
OwNu RenTner (28): Behind in points, but three matches open and a lot of open points. OwNu always seems to be out of playoffs and then magically climb their way into it. They are not out.

DDSK (25): Not too many points, nothing open, only two matches remaining, DDSK is in a tough spot. It's nearly impossible for them to reach playoffs.
Pro-Gaming Junior (23): Only the fact that the second squad of pG. has three clanwars ahead secures them a spot on the "possible for playoffs"-List, but it's a fair bet that they are a huge underdog for it.
uMaD (13): This team needs all 30 points from the remaining matches and the miracle, that everyone else stops scoring.

19 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 6

Pro-Gaming Junior [0:15] Pro-Gaming
Pro-Gaming College [11:1] uMaD
OwNu Rentner [4:8] Firestalker
No games: DDSK, ViKi

Cast: OwNu vs. Fs (18 CET)

Playday 6! Next week, we will do the playoffs-check. Which team might gain some points until then?

Three short announcements:
1)We think we can finish up all remaining support cases in the upcoming week.
2)Playday 4 ends this sunday!
3)If a player registers, please send me (@Skype) a short notices. Right now, a lot of spambots try to register, so real players may be deleted by accident.
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