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Themen - Balnazza

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Bekanntmachungen / LIX - Informations, contact, timetables
« am: 12.02.2019, 18:23:19 »
After a busy weekend we can finally give you all needed informations about the new season. If something is not answered here, please let us know!

When will the season start?

We probably could do it next sunday, but to be extra sure and give all of you enough time to plan ahead, the final starting day will be Sunday, 24.02.2019, 18 CET!

What about playoffs?

That is indeed a good question. Right now, only the Top 3 teams qualify for playoffs. But we are up for a change, so please vote for the playoffs system of your liking HERE!

I want in, too! Until when can I register my team?

Registration will be open until Sunday, 17.02.2019, ~20 CET

When do we know our opponent for the first playday?

Closely after the registration phase ended, the timetables for the season will be created and published.

What about a new mappool?

Since we have the time, we will vote for a new mappool! You can chose your ten 1on1 and eight 2on2 maps here:

Still waiting for my player to be accepted

We get a lot of registrations from spambots, so our registration-system is rather strict. Normally a player will be accepted in shorttime, but to be honest, some of you are really hard to distinguish from spambots. So maybe don't register with a mail that sounds like you want to sell viagra to minors?
Jokes aside, if you haven't been accepted in a timely manner, please contact us!

While we are at it: Some managers registrate their players by themselves. We get it, that this is way easier and convenient, but this looks like an attempt of multiaccounting. So please, if you do it, a)contact us about the players you want to have in (or in a general manner, that you do this practice) and b)make sure your players get all informations about the account you create. We had serious troubles with multiple accounts per players created by their managers and would like to not relive that mess.

But how can I contact you?
The easiest is our internal webchat/personal message. But if you don't like it or have questions easier answered in a realtime dialogue, you can contact us here:
Discord - Yes boys, we finally fulfilled that wish of yours. Still in the making, so please forgive that is doesn't look that pretty.
BattleNet - It hasn't much use right now, but we assume it will be important for Reforged, so we did a channel their aswell.
Skype - The skype channel we once used is still existing, but we assume everyone will rather use Discord instead. If you already have me or another admin there, feel free to ask on Skype, too. But notice that it isn't in "official" use anymore.

But I still have questions  :'(

Feel free to ask anything you want to know here or on the contacts mentioned above.

WC3CL / LIX - System for playoffs?
« am: 12.02.2019, 18:21:53 »
We can offer you three different types of playoffs for the upcoming system. You can chose on from the below:

System A: The system we are already using. Top 3 qualifies for playoffs. First seed is set into the finals, second and third have to play an elimination match for the other seed.

System B: Top 4 qualify for playoffs for a single-elimination tournament. 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd. Winners proceed to the finals, losers are out. Note that we won't organize a match for the 3rd place, it will be splitted, unless the teams want to play it out. Then we will assist with the planning etc.
Higher seeds won't have any perks in their matches.

System C: Top 6 qualify for playoffs for a single-elimination tournament. In the first round, 3rd vs. 6th and 4th vs. 5th. Winners proceed to the semifinals, where 1st plays vs. the lowest placed team, 2nd vs. the remaining team. Winners proceed to the finals. Again, no match for 3rd place, unless the teams want to play it out. Then we will assist with the planning etc.
Higher seeds won't have any perks in their matches.

Mappool / LIX - 2on2 Mappool
« am: 12.02.2019, 17:39:19 »
you can now vote the Mappool for the next season! For 2on2 you can chose up to 8 maps in your vote!

Mappool / LIX - 1on1 Mappool
« am: 12.02.2019, 17:39:04 »
you can now vote the Mappool for the next season! For 1on1 you can chose up to 10 maps in your vote!

Bekanntmachungen / WC3CL re-opens its gates with LIX.
« am: 23.01.2019, 23:02:38 »
F*** finally! It took us (me) way too long, but we are back in business! A new season to start. Signup already opened. Whenever we will get together 8 or more teams, we can start with Season 59(!).

Conditions of participation
  • listed BNet-Accounts
  • at least 4 players in teamsheet
  • No player is playing for another team/clan in another league

There is a small tutorial how to register and manage your account.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII Champion and new season
« am: 27.07.2018, 21:47:51 »

1. O w N u R e n T n e r
2. Pro-Gaming
3. Firestalker

While the heat is consuming germany and europe, it is time to honor the top teams of our last season. Congratulations!

In this celebration though, we also put our eyes on the next chapter of our long history. The SignUp for Season 59 will soon be available, so we can again provide clanwars and matches for fans and players. Stay tuned!

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Grand Finals (01.07)
« am: 10.06.2018, 19:51:07 »
OwNu RenTner [9:3] Pro-Gaming

Mental & ToX [2:0] AraAraBramSSSS & Rvs
BounD & JokeRn [2:0] RaZzoRMaN & Crrpt

JokeRn [2:0] Crrpt
Sniq [0:0] Rvs
EnTe [0:2] RaZZoRMaN

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Semifinals (10.06)
« am: 04.06.2018, 22:03:33 »
Pro-Gaming [8:4] Firestalker

Okkul & AraAraBramSSSS [0:0] Still & Yagami
RaZZoRMaN & Crrpt [2:0] Jehu & niGHT

RaZZoRMaN [2:0] Yagami
AraAraBramSSSS [2:1] Jehu
SV - LR - Defwin
Crrpt [0:2] Still

Fs does not wish to play against RaZZoRMan and gives two default wins.

After a tricky season we can finally announce our semifinalists! Who will join OwNu RenTner in the Grand Finals?

Pro-Gaming was able to score one point more than their opponent, but one less than our finalist. Firestalker on the other hand may be the "weakest" team on paper, but they are undefeated in this season. Also they scored a tense 8:7 victory over pG. Both teams seem to be able to win it.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 9 (20.05)
« am: 20.05.2018, 09:11:04 »

Pro-Gaming College [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
Digital Xtreme [0:0] OwNu RenTner
Free: Fs, pG.

Cast: Dx vs. OwNu (18 CET)

We don't have a clear date for playoffs, but we would like to start them as soon as possible.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 8 (13.05)
« am: 13.05.2018, 13:01:32 »

Firestalker [0:0] Digital Xtreme
Free: Basically everyone

Cast: Fs vs. Dx (18 CET)

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 7 (06.05)
« am: 06.05.2018, 03:19:37 »

LS Gaming International [0:0] HOT ELITES 2018
Digital Xtreme [0:0] Pro-Gaming College
Free: Fs, OwNu, pG

Cast: Dx vs. pGCl (18 CET)

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 6 (29.04)
« am: 29.04.2018, 13:28:33 »

HOT ELITES 2018 [0:0] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [0:0] Digital Xtreme
Free: OwNu, pGCl, Fs

Cast: HOT vs. pG. (18 CET)

StuFo StuFo leaves the league.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 5 (22.04)
« am: 22.04.2018, 05:06:23 »

Digital Xtreme [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
Pro-Gaming [0:0] OwNu RenTner
StuFo StuFo [0:0] Pro-Gaming College
No matches: LSS, Fs

Cast: pG vs. OwNu (19 CET)

LS Gaming South America merges with the International-squad. SA leaves the league.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 4 (15.04)
« am: 12.04.2018, 21:30:27 »

HOT ELITE 2018 [0:0] OwNu RenTner
Firestalker [5:7] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [4:5] StuFo StuFo
Pro-Gaming College [0:0] LS Gaming South America
Spielfrei: Dx

Cast: HOT vs. OwNu (18 CET)

New playday, new patch!  :hamster: But with that come a few questions, which we like to answer here:

1)"On which patch will we play?"
1.29 of course. As our rulebook states, we always have to use the newest patch. This time we have a lot of balance-changes, so we need to use the new one.

2)"But what is with W3arena?"
As long as there are no problems, you can use W3arena, if you really need. But we ask you to announce that atleast 24h before the start of the clanwar. And remember: You only can ask to use W3arena. Your opponent is not entitled to agree to your request.

Bekanntmachungen / LVIII - Playday 3 (08.04)
« am: 08.04.2018, 14:05:58 »

DkH Gaming e.V. [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
OwNu RenTner [1:2] Firestalker
StuFo StuFo [5:10] Digital Xtreme
Pro-Gaming [9:0] Pro-Gaming College
LS Gaming South America [0:0] LS Gaming International

Cast: OwNu vs. Fs (18 CET)

DkH got kicked out of this season.

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