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Titel: LIX - Playday 3 (10.03.2019) + Multiteam-Ruling
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 07.03.2019, 18:51:18

Run Bi7ch Run [3:12] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8551&season=40) OwNu RenTner
Firestalker [9:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8552&season=40) uMaD Gaming
Pro-Gaming [13:2] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8553&season=40) InFernales
HOT ELITE 2018 [9:6] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8555&season=40) BES x BMz
Free: Fra, DuSt

Cast: TBA vs. TBA (18 CET) (http://www.twitch.tv/wc3cl_tv)

We're approaching the end of the first third of the season. Which teams will earn more points to get to the juicy Top 6?

Quick ruling concerning Multiteams
This week, a lot of managers asked about the case of a player who is playing in our league and for another team in the w3il. Even more concerning, playing there for a team that also participates in WC3CL.
While the rulebook clearly forbids such conduct, we will not go against it. The scene is becoming smaller and smaller and a league that actually offers pricemoney is surely something we don't want to boycott either.

Thus, the new ruling is this: A player is allowed to play for another team in another league, as long as the team he is member of in WC3CL does not play in said other league.
As every rule in the WC3CL this may change in the future, but for now this is the ruling we are going for. We hope all questions about this case are answered with that.

As a finishing touch, we also can present to you are new Walk of Fame (http://www.wc3cl.de/index.php?topic=63203.0), where every team who ever got a medal in WC3CL is listed, including a seperate WoF for playoffs and some comments on teams that accomplished special or note-worthy feats.
Hopefully you enjoy this bit of history, which actually reaches back over ten years!
Titel: Antw:LIX - Playday 3 (10.03.2019) + Multiteam-Ruling
Beitrag von: Logan am 07.03.2019, 21:24:22
Den walk of fame bitte nochmal ├╝berarbeiten, es gibt den ein oder anderen fehler... ( Wo sind z.B. die Maden)
Titel: Antw:LIX - Playday 3 (10.03.2019) + Multiteam-Ruling
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 07.03.2019, 21:34:36
Stehen doch drin? Auf Platz 10