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Titel: LIX - Playday 2 (03.03.2019)
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 28.02.2019, 15:47:44

France [5:10] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8545&season=40) Firestalker
InFernales [4:11] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8546&season=40) Run Bi7ch Run
uMaD [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8547&season=40) DuSt Gaming
BES x BMz [5:7] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8548&season=40) Pro-Gaming
Free: OwNu, HOT

Cast: France vs. Firestalker by DelkiCast (18 CET) (https://www.twitch.tv/delkicast)

After a magic first playday, in which no team missed their lineup (first time since 2014 on a season start!), we're back with more!

Besides that we also can announce the playoffs system we will use at the end of Season 59! You voted (http://www.wc3cl.de/index.php?topic=63194.msg951871#msg951871) for it and made your wish very clear. You want six participants!
This means, the Top 2 will qualify for the semifinals, the remaining Top 6 will have to play pre-playoffs/quarterfinals. After the first round, the bracket will be adjusted, to the first seed will play against the lowest seed. More informations about playoffs (maps, times etc.) later this season!