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Titel: LVIII - Playday 4 (15.04)
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 12.04.2018, 21:30:27

HOT ELITE 2018 [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8508&season=39) OwNu RenTner
Firestalker [5:7] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8510&season=39) Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [4:5] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8511&season=39) StuFo StuFo
Pro-Gaming College [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8512&season=39) LS Gaming South America
Spielfrei: Dx

Cast: HOT vs. OwNu (18 CET) (http://www.twitch.tv/wc3cl_tv)

New playday, new patch!  :hamster: But with that come a few questions, which we like to answer here:

1)"On which patch will we play?"
1.29 of course. As our rulebook states, we always have to use the newest patch. This time we have a lot of balance-changes, so we need to use the new one.

2)"But what is with W3arena?"
As long as there are no problems, you can use W3arena, if you really need. But we ask you to announce that atleast 24h before the start of the clanwar. And remember: You only can ask to use W3arena. Your opponent is not entitled to agree to your request.
Titel: Antw:LVIII - Playday 4 (15.04)
Beitrag von: Changer am 15.04.2018, 18:11:35

FS vs PG