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Titel: LVII - Semifinals
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 11.01.2018, 22:07:17
Firestalker [8:1] OwNu RenTner

(http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/o.jpg) (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/n.jpg) Jehu & niGHt [2:1] ToX & Sniq (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/u.jpg) (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/n.jpg)
BB - TM - GS
(http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/n.jpg) (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/u.jpg) CorNoX & KurCo [0:0] BounD & Boltez (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/o.jpg) (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/o.jpg)

(http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/h.jpg) YaGami [2:0] ToX (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/u.jpg)
(http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/o.jpg) Still [2:0] EnTe (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/u.jpg)
(http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/u.jpg) Edo [0:0] BounD (http://www.wc3cl.de/dateien/symbole/o.jpg)

Cast: 14.01 - 18 CET (http://www.twitch.tv/wc3cl_tv)

It took us a bit, but finally, to greet the new year, we start with the Playoffs of Season 57! Which team will meet with Pro-Gaming in the Grand Finals?

Second place in regular season, three finals in a row, Most successful team that still plays in the league: On Paper, Firestalker is a big favorite to win not just semifinals, but the whole thing. 75 points and no loss support that claim. The opponen, OwNu RenTner did however beat them in the finals of Season 54 and prior to that, in Season 47.
In the regular season, Fs scored a stunning 11:4 victory over OwNu, but they have a history of bad regular seasons, with good performances in the playoffs. So while Fs may have some small advantages, the winner is definetly not determined yet.
Titel: Antw:LVII - Semifinals
Beitrag von: Jehu am 14.01.2018, 17:36:57
let's meet on w3arena clan fs :>