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Titel: LVII - Playday 5
Beitrag von: Balnazza am 12.11.2017, 04:09:27

Pro-Gaming  [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8468&season=38) DDSK
LS Gaming 2 [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8469&season=38) ViKiNGS
uMaD [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8470&season=38) Pro-Gaming Junior
LS Gaming 1 [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8471&season=38) OwNu Rentner
Firestalker [0:0] (http://www.wc3cl.de/leaque.php?action=wars&status=teamwar&war=8472&season=38) Pro-Gaming College

Cast: pG. vs. DDSK (18 CET) (http://www.twitch.tv/wc3cl_tv)

Playday 5! We're at the halfway-point. As an announcement, we sadly have to inform the teams, that there is a strong possibility, that LS Gaming (bot squads) will leave the league. Should this assumption hold, all scores will be nullified.
You can find a personal approach/statement for this topic HERE! (http://www.wc3cl.de/index.php?topic=63150.0)