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26 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 7

Pro-Gaming Junior [3:6] DDSK
Pro-Gaming [12:0] Pro-Gaming College
Firestalker [9:3] ViKiNGS
uMaD [2:10] OwNu RenTner

Cast: Fs vs. ViKi (18 CET)

The last three playdays of this season are about to start. Time to check into the road to playoffs.

Firestalker (58): The runner-up of last season is in prime position to enter the playoffs. 58 points (with 3-6 points still possible) and two matches remaining seem more than enough. If the team can hold first place though is another story, but for now they still haven't lost a single clanwar.
Pro-Gaming (43): 15 points (a whole clanwar!) behind Fs, but still in good shape. The first squad of pG. has the luxurous situation, that they have three clanwars ahead of same. Enough possible points to overthrow the Firestalker.
Pro-Gaming College (31): The third squad of pG. is in a lurking position, with a lot of possible points open and also three matches ahead.
ViKiNGS (31): Three matches ahead, but no open points. ViKi needs some focus to reach the playoffs.
OwNu RenTner (28): Behind in points, but three matches open and a lot of open points. OwNu always seems to be out of playoffs and then magically climb their way into it. They are not out.

DDSK (25): Not too many points, nothing open, only two matches remaining, DDSK is in a tough spot. It's nearly impossible for them to reach playoffs.
Pro-Gaming Junior (23): Only the fact that the second squad of pG. has three clanwars ahead secures them a spot on the "possible for playoffs"-List, but it's a fair bet that they are a huge underdog for it.
uMaD (13): This team needs all 30 points from the remaining matches and the miracle, that everyone else stops scoring.

19 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 6

Pro-Gaming Junior [0:15] Pro-Gaming
Pro-Gaming College [11:1] uMaD
OwNu Rentner [4:8] Firestalker
No games: DDSK, ViKi

Cast: OwNu vs. Fs (18 CET)

Playday 6! Next week, we will do the playoffs-check. Which team might gain some points until then?

Three short announcements:
1)We think we can finish up all remaining support cases in the upcoming week.
2)Playday 4 ends this sunday!
3)If a player registers, please send me (@Skype) a short notices. Right now, a lot of spambots try to register, so real players may be deleted by accident.

12 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 5

Pro-Gaming  [0:0] DDSK
LS Gaming 2 [0:0] ViKiNGS
uMaD [0:0] Pro-Gaming Junior
LS Gaming 1 [0:0] OwNu Rentner
Firestalker [0:0] Pro-Gaming College

Cast: pG. vs. DDSK (18 CET)

Playday 5! We're at the halfway-point. As an announcement, we sadly have to inform the teams, that there is a strong possibility, that LS Gaming (bot squads) will leave the league. Should this assumption hold, all scores will be nullified.
You can find a personal approach/statement for this topic HERE!

04 Nov 2017 - LVII - Playday 4

DDSK [0:0] ViKiNGS
Pro-Gaming [0:0] uMaD
OwNu RenTner [0:0] LS Gaming 2
Pro-Gaming Junior [0:0] Firestalker
Pro-Gaming [0:0] LS Gaming 1

Cast: *No Cast*

For this playday, we have four announcements to make. The fourth and last one is extremly important!

1)Sadly this weekend we can not offer an shoutcast.
2)Playday 2 will run out this sunday, please check your deadlines.
3)Some supporttickets are stacking right now. Of course, no one likes to wait, but consider, that our staff is small and especially our headadmin (aka. myself) is seriously busy with university related stuff. All tickets will be done before playoffs so everyone gets their points, but we assume you like it better to get a justified and discussed decision, rather than some hasty "just read two sentences, should be fine"-judgement.
4)IMPORTANT: In the last few years we were somewhat lackluster with our doctrin, that the Matchcomments are the primary source of information for the supportstaff. As of late, there are a lot of un-organized defwins going on, which we will not tolerate. For that, from this fourth playday on, every decision that concerns the clanwar has to be posted in the Matchcomments and should be confirmed by the opponent. Those decisions are postpones (who postpones when because of what?), defwins (give or take), prepones and any changes made on the lineups after their release. Anything not written in Matchcomments, that concerns the posted topics will be of no relevance for the supportstaff . We simply are too few and have not enough time to always dive into tremendously long skype-logs or ingame-screens. Those can be given to support your claims, but the main-relevance from now on again will be the Matchcomments.
We know it's not fun, even annoying, to document a clanwar like that, but imagine our position to re-read, evaluade and take everything into account without a primary source of information. We will no longer puzzle our tickets together before we can make a decision. If everything goes smoothly it will take you thirty seconds, if anything goes wrong we don't have to spend hours. Seems like a fair trade.

29 Okt 2017 - LVII - Playday 3

uMaD [2:7] DDSK
ViKiNGS [0:6] OwNu RenTner
Firestalker [8:7] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming 2 [0:12] Pro-Gaming College
LS Gaming 1 [6:0] Pro-Gaming Junior

Cast: Fs vs. pG (18 CET)

Two reminders:
1)Please remember, that tonight in Europe we switched into winter time, which means one more hour. Just double-check to avoid confusions.
2)Next night ends the deadline for Playday 1.
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