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Autor Thema: LIX - Playday 2 (03.03.2019)  (Gelesen 3251 mal)

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LIX - Playday 2 (03.03.2019)
« am: 28.02.2019, 15:47:44 »

France [5:10] Firestalker
InFernales [4:11] Run Bi7ch Run
uMaD [0:0] DuSt Gaming
BES x BMz [5:7] Pro-Gaming
Free: OwNu, HOT

Cast: France vs. Firestalker by DelkiCast (18 CET)

After a magic first playday, in which no team missed their lineup (first time since 2014 on a season start!), we're back with more!

Besides that we also can announce the playoffs system we will use at the end of Season 59! You voted for it and made your wish very clear. You want six participants!
This means, the Top 2 will qualify for the semifinals, the remaining Top 6 will have to play pre-playoffs/quarterfinals. After the first round, the bracket will be adjusted, to the first seed will play against the lowest seed. More informations about playoffs (maps, times etc.) later this season!
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