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21 Okt 2017 - LVII - Playday 2

DDSK [3:3] OwNu RenTner
uMaD [0:12] Firestalker
Pro-Gaming College [8:4] ViKiNGS
Pro-Gaming [3:3] LS Gaming 1
Pro-Gaming Junior [7:2] LS Gaming 2

Cast: DDSK. vs. OwNu (18 CET)

Earlier than ever before (not really, but atleast for a long time!) here is Playday 2 of Season 57!

We have no real news this time, so just a reminder: Since a few seasons, you have two weeks time to play out your games. Some teams were not aware of that (or simply forgot).
Also we're happy to see that all ten teams have made it into the season and are eager to play. We hope we can keep this up until the end.

Last but not least: guhl_rush will (like last week) cast again this sunday, so tune in!

13 Okt 2017 - LVII - Playday 1

Firestalker [9:6] DDSK
OwNu Rentner [4:11] Pro-Gaming College
LS Gaming 1 [14:1] uMaD
ViKiNGS [8:7] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming 2 [0:15] Pro-Gaming

Cast: LS1 vs. uMaD (18 CET)

It took so damn long, but we're back! Welcome to WC3CL Season 57, Playday 1! As you can see, we try some new stuff, which includes english news, which also will be shorter than usual. In the past, not many (if any) people showed much consideration for the news report, so we will skip that for now. If anything important is happening or some interesting matches come up, you still can find it here!

For the start of the season, we have three announcements to make:
1)Sadly, our defending champion Legendary GamerZ announced, that they will not participate in this season, which means we certainly will have a new champion to crown.
2)The team DDSK is completly new and unheard of. At this very moment, their rooster is basically empty. Of course they still can aquire new players until the start of the playday, but be warned, that it can happen, that DDSK will leave the league. For us, it seems better to give a team the chance to start, rather than just use a Dummy in the first plays. If bad goes to worse, it's the same result.
3)Pretty sure for the first time in WC3CL history, we have three teams of the same clan in one division. While this seems to create a somewhat unbalanced league, we think that we are not in a position to be picky at all. One team more, even it is another one from the same clan, is still better than an empty slot, right?

That's it for now! Right now we can't promise a cast for sunday, but as always will try our hardest! Enjoy the new season folks!
Servus folks! It took a long time, for which we deeply apologize, but now we are back in business! WC3CL is going into its 57. Season! The registration is already started, you can sign up your team(s)!

Normally we would mention an end date for the signup and a starting date for the season, but we would like a new method. So the registration will be open until we reach eight teams, after that it will be closed and the season starts at the next possible sunday. So get in here!

Conditions of participation
  • listed BNet-Accounts
  • at least 4 players in teamsheet
  • No player is playing for another team/clan in another league

There is a small tutorial how to register and manage your account.

22 Aug 2017 - LVI - Finale

Firestalker [6:8] Legendary GamerZ

KurCo & YaGami [2:0] Weena & nooblolas
Jehu & niGHT [0:2] Boka & Poe

YaGami [2:1] nooblolas
AZ - SV - EI
N4p0muk [1:1] Poe
KurCo [0:2] Boka

Nach dem überaus knappen und spannenden Halbfinale erwartet uns diesen Sonntag das Finale der 56. WC3CL-Saison! Es ist das Clasico der Liga!

Ohne Niederlage marschierten die Firestalker durch die Saison und nahmen völlig zurecht Platz 1 in Beschlag. Zum dritten Mal in Folge stehen sie im Finale, letzte Saison musste man OwNu weichen, diesmal ist der Titel wieder drin. Den Herausforderer Legendary GamerZ besiegte man überzeugend mit 11:4. Zudem ist es für die Legenden die gerade mal vierte Playoffsteilnahme. Zweimal verlor man gegen den Rekordmeister DkH im Finale, reicht es diesmal für den langersehnten Titel? Der letzte große Erfolg stammt immerhin aus den Saisons 33 und 34, in der Vor-Playoffsära.

15 Aug 2017 - LVI - Playoffs

Legendary GamerZ [8:7] Pro-gaming

Boka & Poe [1:2] ikbeencool & Cheeron
nooblolas & drunkenwanken [2:1] kol9ni4 & MezzoMix

nooblolas [0:2] ikbeencool
Poe [2:0] kol9ni4
Boka [2:1] Cheeron

Die Saison ist offiziell noch gar nicht so richtig vorbei, da haben wir bereits die Kandidaten für das Halbfinale der 56. WC3CL-Saison bereit!

Für die Legendary GamerZ ist es der erste Auftritt in den Playoffs seit Saison 38. Diesmal hat es endlich wieder geklappt. Der Gegner Pro-gaming ist noch relativ jung dabei. Ironischerweise trafen beide Teams am letzten Spieltag aufeinander, hier konnten die Legenden ein knappes 8:7 erringen. Für ein spannedes Halbfinale ist also alles bereit. Welches Team wird es mit den Firestalkern aufnehmen dürfen?
Seiten: 1 2 [3] 4 5 ... 40
10:33:26 New York
16:33:26 Berlin
17:33:26 Moskau/Moscow
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