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Pro-Gaming [8:4] Firestalker

Okkul & AraAraBramSSSS [0:0] Still & Yagami
RaZZoRMaN & Crrpt [2:0] Jehu & niGHT

RaZZoRMaN [2:0] Yagami
AraAraBramSSSS [2:1] Jehu
SV - LR - Defwin
Crrpt [0:2] Still

Fs does not wish to play against RaZZoRMan and gives two default wins.

After a tricky season we can finally announce our semifinalists! Who will join OwNu RenTner in the Grand Finals?

Pro-Gaming was able to score one point more than their opponent, but one less than our finalist. Firestalker on the other hand may be the "weakest" team on paper, but they are undefeated in this season. Also they scored a tense 8:7 victory over pG. Both teams seem to be able to win it.

Pro-Gaming College [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
Digital Xtreme [0:0] OwNu RenTner
Free: Fs, pG.

Cast: Dx vs. OwNu (18 CET)

We don't have a clear date for playoffs, but we would like to start them as soon as possible.

Firestalker [0:0] Digital Xtreme
Free: Basically everyone

Cast: Fs vs. Dx (18 CET)

LS Gaming International [0:0] HOT ELITES 2018
Digital Xtreme [0:0] Pro-Gaming College
Free: Fs, OwNu, pG

Cast: Dx vs. pGCl (18 CET)

HOT ELITES 2018 [0:0] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [0:0] Digital Xtreme
Free: OwNu, pGCl, Fs

Cast: HOT vs. pG. (18 CET)

StuFo StuFo leaves the league.
Seiten: 1 [2] 3 4 ... 40
19:14:18 New York
01:14:18 Berlin
02:14:18 Moskau/Moscow
5 Gäste, 1 Mitglied