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HOT ELITES 2018 [0:0] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [0:0] Digital Xtreme
Free: OwNu, pGCl, Fs

Cast: HOT vs. pG. (18 CET)

StuFo StuFo leaves the league.

Digital Xtreme [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
Pro-Gaming [0:0] OwNu RenTner
StuFo StuFo [0:0] Pro-Gaming College
No matches: LSS, Fs

Cast: pG vs. OwNu (19 CET)

LS Gaming South America merges with the International-squad. SA leaves the league.

HOT ELITE 2018 [0:0] OwNu RenTner
Firestalker [5:7] Pro-Gaming
LS Gaming International [4:5] StuFo StuFo
Pro-Gaming College [0:0] LS Gaming South America
Spielfrei: Dx

Cast: HOT vs. OwNu (18 CET)

New playday, new patch!  :hamster: But with that come a few questions, which we like to answer here:

1)"On which patch will we play?"
1.29 of course. As our rulebook states, we always have to use the newest patch. This time we have a lot of balance-changes, so we need to use the new one.

2)"But what is with W3arena?"
As long as there are no problems, you can use W3arena, if you really need. But we ask you to announce that atleast 24h before the start of the clanwar. And remember: You only can ask to use W3arena. Your opponent is not entitled to agree to your request.

DkH Gaming e.V. [0:0] HOT ELITE 2018
OwNu RenTner [1:2] Firestalker
StuFo StuFo [5:10] Digital Xtreme
Pro-Gaming [9:0] Pro-Gaming College
LS Gaming South America [0:0] LS Gaming International

Cast: OwNu vs. Fs (18 CET)

DkH got kicked out of this season.

24 Mär 2018 - LVIII - Playday 2 (25.03)

HOT ELITE 2018 [2:10] Firestalker
DkH Gaming e.V. [0:15] StuFo StuFo
Pro-Gaming College [1:8] OwNu RenTner
Digital Xtreme [10:2] LS Gaming South America
LS Gaming International [0:9] Pro-Gaming

Cast: X vs. Y (18 CET)

That was an 'interesting' Week 1. Lets hope the second playday will be more about Warcraft 3!

Three announcements:
1)next week is Eastern! Because of that, all teams will have a free weekend. Of course you can still use it to play out some remaining matches or prepone some others, just as you like.
2)Some clans are not represented in our Skypegroup. While it is possible, that we will soon switch to another device, we hardly recommend to join it as soon as possible. Please contact Balnazza for details.
3)One think we did not specify for the first playday, but can become somewhat of an issue, is the patch-situation. Right now, there are three possible versions to play the game: 1.26 (W3Arena), 1.28 (BattleNet) and 1.29 (PTR).
At this very moment, we are not entirely sure, which patch we should use as a standard. But as an announcement for the future: As soon as Patch 1.29 goes live, we probably will make it our new standard.
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