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KoA: Info/Rules/Maps
« am: 29.10.2012, 18:01:05 »
There will be 4 qualifiers. In the end there will be a grand final with all four winners. After winning a qualifier you are barred for the next one. If you win 2 qualifiers you will gain the money, but the other finalist will get the spot for the grand final.

01.11.12 18:00 CET Ashenvale - Application (done)
11.11.12 15:00 CET Northrend - Application (done)
18.11.12 15:00 CET Lodearon - Application (done)
25.11.12 15:00 CET Kalimdor - Application (done)

02.12.12 00:00 CET Kings of Azeroth (Grand Final)

- Meeting at IRC-Quakenet #wc3cl (webchat).
- You can play at BNet or GArena if both players agree.
- The host has to provide a similar competitive environment.
- Matchmodus is Bo1, semifinal and final will be in Bo3.
- For Bo1 every player has 1 veto. The player up vetoes first.
- For Bo3 every player has 1 veto. The player up vetoes first. After map 1 losers choice.
- The winner has to report the result at IRC.
- The opposing participant does not show up until 15 minutes results in defwin.
- Defwins are given by admins only.
- WC3CL rulebook obtains analogously.
- The prize money transfer is handled via PayPal or bank transfer.

Ashenvale Disput - Tidewater Glades - Valley Guardian
Alternatives: Nighthaven WEG 1.5, Predator

Crystal Kingdom - Lost Temple - Glacial Currents
Alternatives: Glacial Thaw, Maelstrom

Death Trap - Road to Stratholme - Terenas Stand
Alternative: Uthers Slumber

Centaur Grove - Centaur River - Sea and Sand
Alternatives: Tanaris, Whirlwind

Download Custom-Maps here.
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